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This site is created with the purpose to share results of my work.
Currently, on it is available the latest version of the UoPilot,
based on source code of the version 0.96 beta from Blade and slightly modified by me.


This program absolutely freeware, is distributed "as is", that is you use it at own risk!
And I, as the author, do not carry any responsibility for consequences connected to use of this program on your computer.


If You like our project, and You are interested in its further development and regular updates,
support us by making a donation.

To release the next version
we need to collect 292 $.


In the new version:

  • Fixed the error occurred while evaluating expressions in parallel scripts.
  • Fixed switching tabs of running scripts, when turning off the display variable timer ("tracking" the script).
  • Accelerated assigning values to variables on average 2 times.
  • Added variables 'HomePath', 'ExeFileName', 'WindowHandle'.
  • Hot key to stop all scripts "Stop all scripts" now the default is enabled.
  • Hot key to stop all scripts "Stop all scripts" also stops clicks on the tab "General".
  • Corrected the zooming user interface elements when changing the scale of the screen (dots per inch).
  • When clicking on the button with working window handle, its value is inserted into the script.
  • In the commands 'save_array' and 'load_array' added a check on employment of the file other scripts. Wait until it is released.
  • Removed the output into a log the size of the array in the command 'load_array'.
  • Added search toolbar in the help.
  • In settings added the ability to disable notification of the loaded DLL.
  • Completed the function "Save the scripts before running". Turn on the appropriate menu item. By default enabled.
  • In the context menu of the script moved some commands in the new section "Ultima Online".
  • Added ability to hide most of the interface elements related to Ultima Online.
  • Slightly corrected the insertion of commands in a script from the context menu. Remove the required and optional parameters, together with their brackets.
  • Added the display of file names of the scripts, near numbers on tabs.
  • Added the indicator of not saved scripts, in the form of a red dot on tabs with numbers of scripts.
  • Added save button on the form settings.
  • Press Esc to close the about window, a sample plug-in, help and settings.
  • The list of the tabs with the names of the scripts did multiline.
  • Turned "findimage". Now, again, looking for the top down.
  • Corrected in the command "findimаge" out of search range.
  • Added in "findimage" return end coordinates of the found images in the third and fourth element of the returned array when the search type 2.
  • Fixed in "findimage" return end coordinates of the found images (not returned at all).
  • Rewrote the function "frac()". Now just truncates the input string by comma or point. Can be used with character strings.

  • UoPilot v2.34, (c) 2002-13 by WK (12.11.2013) 76357
    More in detail about these, and other innovations, read in builtin help.

    Supported clients 1.26.4a, 1.26.4b, 1.26.4e, 2.0.0, 2.0.0b, 2.0.3, 3.0.0c, 3.0.0g, 3.0.8, MU, ML,,,,,,,,,

    Distinctions in supported functions for the different versions of the clients

    version1.26.4a 1.26.4b 1.26.4e 2.0.0 2.0.0b 2.0.3
    3.0.0c 3.0.0g MU MU1.04J 6070p81
    LMess XXXXXXXX---
    LastObjectType XXXXXXXX--X
    LastStaticType XXXXXXXX--X
    LastTargetKind XXXXXXXX--X
    LastTargetXYZ XXXXXXXX--X
    LastLiftedID XXXXXXXX--X
    LastSkill XXXXXXXX--X
    LastSpell XXXXXXXX--X
    CharDir XXXXXXXX--X
    Crim XXXXXXXX--X
    ShowNames XXXXXXXX--X
    Trans XXXXXXXX--X
    Skills X----X-----
    AlwaysRun -----X----X
    Hidden -----X-----
    War -----X-----
    CopyConsoleText -----X-----

    Questions and offers send here.